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"Start somewhere, do something, be part of the change you want to see and the rest will follow." - Ogutu Okudo

CNN referred to her as, “the woman on a mission to disrupt the African energy sector”. Ogutu Okudo, is an oil executive and energy access expert passionate about Africa's Energy Transition and its impacts on people and the environment. Ogutu is the founder of Guuru Energy, an indigenous East African multi-energy company delivering unique solutions towards efficiently accelerating the development of Africa's energy resources.  The past decade Ogutu has worked at the intersection of business, politics and communities in the African energy sector in global leadership roles, executing technical projects, structuring deals and negotiating complex energy transactions on behalf of the Kenyan government. An ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) expert in the country, Ogutu has represented communities, the government and international financial institutions in mapping out ESG risks, interventions and solutions; most recently in Lamu County for the Government of Kenya in its international maritime boundary dispute with Somalia at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). A key change-agent in the ongoing turnaround of the National Oil Corporation of Kenya (NOCK). As a Board Director, Ogutu guided the state corporation through the national fuel crisis of 2022, bolstered its upstream activities through international marketing of its oil blocks, and sat as a member of the Audit Committee, Strategy and Business Committee and the Turnaround Committee that was tasked with overhauling the ailing downstream operations to profitability.

Recognized by Forbes in its 30 Under 30 list, Miss Okudo is a published author and researcher and a highly respected industry authority in the African energy sector. She is an Advisory Board Member of the African Energy Chamber and has played a critical role in policy formulation and implementation in the oil, energy, environment and gender sectors. She has been at the center of the deployment of decentralized energy technology solutions in East Africa comprising of small-scale hydroelectric power-plants, pay-as-you- go LPG cooking solutions and solar mini-grids and solar home systems. Passionate about using research and data to study the impacts of the energy transition and climate change on women and youth, in 2012, Ogutu founded the globally awarded social enterprise, Women in Energy and Extractives Africa (WEX Africa). WEX Africa have mentored over 100,000 girls on the uptake of STEM careers and trained women countrywide on climate mitigation and adaptation practices.

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