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Africa2100 PR & Strategic Communications

We continue to help leaders, nations, institutions and organizations communicate at times of change and uncertainty. We are made up of a multi-faceted team with experience at the highest levels of the most respected global media brands, and in leadership roles as agency and in-house communicators.


We work at the intersection of business and politics in a world without borders, using data and intelligence to design and execute state-of-the-art campaigns. Shaping perceptions, influencing behaviour and mobilising resources. We will defend reputations and combat detractors in complex, high stakes conflicts with absolute discretion.

Africa2100 PR & Strategic Communications is a leading full-service PR & strategic communications agency, with experience across the African continent and beyond. We recognize that communications and public affairs rarely take place in a vacuum, and our work is always crafted using the best data analysis to support organization-wide strategic objectives for our clients.

From public relations and public affairs to crisis communications and new media strategy, our experienced team takes an innovative, active approach to advancing your mission-critical goals. We understand the unique opportunities and challenges of the 21st century media landscape and operate as an extension of your own communications and leadership teams.

Corporate Reputation Management And Strategic Communications

Ogutu Okudo PR approaches communications and corporate reputation strategy with a combination of experience, expertise and creativity. We specialize in crafting tailored communications plans to engage key audiences to accomplish your organization’s goals.

Public affairs

Our team has worked inside businesses, government agencies, political campaigns, and prominent advocacy organizations. We’re not just strategists. We are our clients’ partners. We interact with our clients on a moment-to-moment basis when necessary. We know the nuances of your policy issues, so we are prepared to engage on a moment’s notice when threats or opportunities arise.

Crisis And Rapid Response Communications

The OO PR & Strategy Comms internal war room is capable of monitoring all forms of traditional, digital, trade, and social media on a 24/7 basis in anticipation of or during a crisis, and of delivering up-to-the-minute alerts and in-depth reports and analysis as required.

Executive communications

We develop comprehensive executive communication campaigns that are tailored to the individual, their field of expertise, and the key audiences they need to reach to build influence and achieve their intended goals. 

Digital And Social Media Communications

Today, conversations about policy, reputation, products and services increasingly occur outside of traditional media outlets and instead take place on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other online networks and forums. OO PR & Strategic Communications identifies the key themes shaping opinions and engages in ways that effectively and powerfully deliver our clients’ messages.

Third-Party Engagement, Coalition Building And Activation

As a bipartisan firm, OO PR & Strategic Communications has deep relationships with third parties on both sides of the aisle, ensuring that every client has the access and connections necessary to wage an effective public affairs campaign. OO PR & Strategic Communications has facilitated numerous third-party meetings and relationships as part of successful public affairs campaigns on a wide variety of issues at the national and county levels.

national & County-level campaigns

We have representatives nationwide and continental along with an extensive track record of working with local, state media, on-the-ground lobbying teams, coalition partners, and other stakeholders. And we know that timing is critical, so our teams are able to hit the ground running no matter the state or goal to help achieve results.

Paid Media And Advertising

OO PR & Strategic Communications also leverages proprietary platforms and technologies to further narrow audiences, identify common interests, and understand how a conversation is trending so as to craft the best possible campaigns.

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